Janet Stoddart

Janet Stoddart Real Estate Law Clerk

Janet Stoddart is the firm’s premier real estate law clerk, as well as assisting with the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Janet started her career in Toronto with a small law firm, and quickly moved up to manage that firm. Over time, she decided that she enjoyed the niche of real estate. She spent 15 years at each of her two previous long-term positions perfecting her skills, experience and efficiency before making the move to Durham Region.

Janet is a take-charge type of person. She also has high standards for the firm she wants to work for. She applied for a position with the firm owned by Marie G. Michaels, but was the one to actually interview Marie to ensure that she was a lawyer who reflected the right attitude and ethics, namely a lawyer who would make herself readily available when needed for more complex real estate issues, or where legal advice was required on a file. Marie passed the interview, and Janet joined the team of M. G. Michaels & Associates in 2017!

When not squiring her Newfoundlander, Nana, around town, Janet enjoys visits from her two Ontario granddaughters, and Zooming with her Albertan grandson.


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