Wen Di Ma

Wen Di Ma Student-at-Law

Wen Di (Wendi) Ma graduated from Queen’s Law in June of 2020. She is currently an LPP Candidate at Ryerson University and anticipates being called to the bar in or about June 2021 (depending on COVID-19). Wendi is passionate about family law and looks forward to honing her skills with a seasoned family law firm like M. G. Michaels & Associates, Whitby family lawyers.

During law school, she completed a student placement with a small Kingston law firm shadowing the lawyers in family and child protection matters.  She also participated as a student caseworker with the Queen’s Prison Law Clinic. Her previous experience has helped her develop a flexible and client-centric approach to law.

When not at work, Wendi can be found cuddling cats. Over the years, she has volunteered her time with the Dell Cheetah Centre in South Africa in 2017 and fostered shelters cats while attending Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. She also likes turtles and helped to rehabilitate 20 rescued sea turtles at the Atoll Marine Centre, Maldives in 2018.

When she has a free moment—and a free hand—she also enjoys video games.

Wendi is fluent in Mandarin and English.