Zoe and Zeus Michaels Client Support Dogs

Zoe joined the team of M. G. Michaels & Associates on January 16, 2019, the same day that her brother from another mother joined the team.

Zoe loves to give kisses to everyone she meets, whether you want them or not.

And, her second love is giving kisses in exchange for scratches and petting. Don’t be offended if she behaves somewhat nervously about meeting you – as a rescue, you can never be sure what life was like before Marie made her a member of the team.

Zeus is, in some ways, a polar opposite of his sister from “another mother.” Whereas Zoe is small, Zeus is quite large, but he is a gentle giant.

Within a month of starting a new routine by coming to work with his new human mom, Marie, Zeus was caught fulfilling the role of support dog to a client who was sitting in reception having a private crying moment. When we went looking for Zeus, we found him standing with his paws on the client’s shoulders, resting his head on one of them as if hugging her. The client said it was very helpful.

Way to go, Zeus! You’ve gone from being rescued to doing some rescuing of your own.

Caveat:  For those who are allergic to dogs, so is Marie so her dogs are hypo-allergenic.  And, for those who simply do not like or are afraid of dogs, please inform us before you arrive for your appointment and we will crate them without complaint from us or them.