We always appreciate comments and testimonials from our previous clients:

“Marie has provided prompt and efficient legal advice, always returns my calls within two business days, and ensures that I am treated with respect, importance and is quick to offer advice when I need it most. Marie’s knowledge of the law and ability to listen to details have been assets to me. Her staff has also been courteous, helpful and able to assist in urgent and administrative matters. I am grateful that Marie and her wonderful Team were part of my journey after ending an abusive relationship.”

Rhoda C.

“Thank you for all of your hard work, support and encouragement.”


“Marie and her team demonstrated compassion and understanding through a very difficult time for me and my children. She always represented my needs, my children’s best interests and offered solid advice during extremely challenging situations. Marie’s experience in family law was apparent and a great asset in the courtroom.”

Judy C.

When I was first introduced to my lawyer Jaspreet Pannu, I knew that I had a lawyer that was going to go above and beyond for me.

Mr. Pannu was very professional. He handled my case with sensitivity and pride he treated me like family and not just a client. He made sure that all my requests were granted. Hands down Mr. Pannu is one of the best lawyers at Marie G. Michaels’ firm.

Monieque Facey

I came to Marie in a very unique situation. My ex-husband had hidden the majority of his income under the corporate veil, in order to drastically reduce his child support obligations.

Marie and her team were able to uncover this, and negotiated a fair one time settlement, to allow us to never live in fear of financial devastation again.

The day I met Marie was the day I stopped being a victim. I highly recommend Marie and her associates, not only for their legal expertise, but for their compassion and dedication to fairness.

Kim Hall

I went to see Marie about my divorce, and I have to say that I was quite pleased with the outcome. She and her fellow lawyers helped tremendously. I will recommend her to anyone that needs her.

Thank you Marie

Liz Arnold

“I was going through a tough time when my ex wouldn’t let me see our daughter. A friend referred me to the lawyers at Marie Michaels and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! I had a chance to meet each of the lawyers working there because sometimes Marie had one of her associates do some research or Court document preparation. I would highly recommend any of the lawyers there; they really know their stuff!”

Georges C.

I do not hesitate to recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs the Fantastic lawyer. She’s very understanding and gets to the bottom of things quickly. I have always been very happy with her.

Fernanda Gray